Inclusive Buddhist Heritage Circuit


THE BUDDHIST CERCUITS are places of all high significance holy sites of Buddism; where Lord Buddha was born, attained Enlightenment, preached first Sermon and reached Nirvana.
There are many historical places of Buddhist heritage in Bangladesh. Many of them were designated by World Heritage Site of UNESCO in 1985.

PAHARPUR : Paharpur Buddha Bihara is one of our prides from Bangladesh. According to some scholars, this can be the largest Buddhist Bihar from the world. This is located at the Paharpur union of Naogaon district from Bangladesh.It was active around 300 years for learning and religious researches. People from around the global used to come for sharing and learning knowledge.



SHALBON BIHARA : Shalbon Bihara in Mainamoti, Comilla, Bangladesh is one of the best known Buddhist Circuit in the Indian Subcontinent.This was once a self contained Buddhist monastery where, monks lived, studied and prayed. It’s such a quite place inside a barren forest and one of the greatest tourist spots in Bangladesh.



GOLDEN TEMPLE : Though the original name of this temple is Buddha Dhatu Jadi. It is commonly known as Bandarban Golden Temple among visitors. This beautiful temple is located in a far-flung locality from Bandarban town. It is regarded as one of the tourist attractions of Bangladesh.



RAJBON BIHARA : Rangamati district has many wonderful places and many hills as tourist spot. Rajbon Bihara Pagoda is one of them. It is a very ideal place especially for the Buddhist. It is an internationally known Buddhist Temple, where the spiritualist principal monk Shrimath Sadhana Nanda Mahasthabir’s (Bano Vante)┬ádead body conservation in box.